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Forward Thinking means More Smiles for the Kids!

In 2015 we worked at rebranding our Foundation and changing our focus from just Oncology to reaching out and touching all areas of Pediatrics at The Golisano Children’s Hospital of SW Florida. Through this process we have touched more lives and brought more smiles to these kids.

As we continue to work hard and move forward, we will expand our reach even more and bring more smiles to the hospital. We have made more contacts in the community who will partner with us for upcoming events with the kids. We have sparked up our Campfire Night program once again and will continue our monthly event. We have also strengthened existing relationships to touch more lives and raise more funds to run our programs.

Art seems to be the theme right now as we venture into the summer months of 2016, we will have some artistic partners help us engage the Patients and involve them with some creative projects. We cannot wait until these projects come to fruition and we can share the experience with you.

Most importantly we truly appreciate and respect our supporters from the community who continue to show us how much they care about these kids and help us continue our work and fulfilling our mission. Thank you! Without your support none of this would be remotely possible. We look forward to seeing you in the future and of course we love sharing our work with you. Continue to visit our website and check out our updates.

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About Us

Each year thousands of children are seen in the Hematology / Oncology section at The Golisano Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida for treatment. Hundreds more are hospitalized for treatment. Many think that these children are too sick to play; truth is that these kids still have energy and often get bored being in the hospital. The For The Kids Foundation is a nonprofit organization that believes in the healing power of smiling and laughter.

Our mission is to bring joy and happiness to the pediatric patients at The Golisano Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida. The entertainment and activities provided by our foundation help distract the children from the medical treatment that they receive. Our goal is to provide the activities and entertainment while supporting the Child Life Specialists at the hospital. We help create a fun, child friendly atmosphere at The Golisano Children’s Hospital and provide items to make children feel more comfortable and relaxed during their stay at the hospital or while they get their treatment. With your assistance, we can help these children win the battle against childhood cancer and blood disorders.

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