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For the second year in a row now local elementary school art teacher and published children’s book author Liz Olancin has engaged her art students in a special way. She has commissioned these young artists to paint original works of art that they come up with and ask that they include an inspirational message with it. You won’t find this artwork in a posh gallery, and it is not available for sale. No, these works of art are reserved for something far more special, pediatric patients at The Golisano Children’s Hospital of SW Florida. 

These students come in early before school on their own time to participate in a project that began last year. Two days each week the student artists come in an hour before class starts to work on their masterpieces. Last year 5 students participated in the before school program, this year the number has doubled to 10 students. With paint brushes in hand and their imaginations as their guides, they paint with their hearts. The kids know why they are painting and where their art is going, and it makes the project that much more special.

Mrs. Olancin says that she came up with the idea last year as she wanted to involve her students with giving back to the community. She said she wanted to take this opportunity to “affect and mentor young lives with kindness and my love for the children and the Arts.”  

The parents of the children are as equally invested and excited. Mrs. Olancin says that on a weekly basis she will receive a phone call or email from a parent of one of the children expressing their gratitude and kind words for allowing their child to participate in such a fantastic program. The children are as equally excited and appreciative too. 

Last year the student artists were invited to an event at The Golisano Children’s Hospital of SW Florida where they were able to present their artwork to patients in person. All in attendance were treated to a paint party hosted by Stacey and Sean Lawler, the owners of Pinot’s Palette of Estero. Everyone had a wonderful time. 

Below are some pictures of the students working on their projects this year. The most sincerest of thanks to Mrs. Olancin and the student artists as well as Stacey and Sean Lawler and Pinot’s Palette of Estero.

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  1. What a great idea for young students and a great story. These students have definitely been blessed in more ways than one. 🙂

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